HANG 5 Initiative

Cleveland Surf Co. is committed to helping protect the great resource that is Lake Erie. That is why we have created the HANG 5 Initiative which donates 5% of every sale to programs that support and protect Lake Erie.


We love the Lake. It provides so much to the Cleveland community. This is why we want to do our part in ensuring that programs which help protect the Lake are supported.

Programs led by the likes of Lake Erie Protection Fund and Stone Laboratory are essential to the health of Lake Erie. These projects are focused on protecting and restoring Ohio's Great Lake by supporting important research and on-the-ground grant projects. More than $12 million has been distributed to over 365 projects since 1993. 

Projects focus on critical issues facing Lake Erie, including: water quality protection, fisheries management, wetlands restoration, watershed planning, invasive species, algal bloom research, Lake Erie ecological shifts, and environmental measurements.